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tungsten carbide

tungsten carbide is the first choice for couples: Since ancient times, tungsten carbide has long been regarded as human power, dignity, status and a symbol of wealth. The indestructible, invincible。

tungsten ring

Material: The main element of tungsten ring is tungsten (W) and titanium (Ti). Because of its expensive nature of the material, so it is known as the tungsten. Features: The greatest feature of tungsten ring is its superior hardness. After polishing through special process, it can get the mirror effect. Never fade, never worn.

tungsten wedding

tungsten wedding rings has a strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion resistance because of its special material. If the surface oxidation rust, resulting in marbling, or fade and turn black, and then it can be concluded that the tungsten wedding rings is impure, or mixed with other elements.
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Feature Products

tungsten ringsThese tungsten carbide rings are carefully selected by our top tungsten designers and highest quality tungsten rings are not just guaranteed but a must. We have the largest selection of tungsten wedding rings, which are melts at an extraordinary 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. There is nothing that is able to destroy these hardest rings in the world. Tungsten carbide ring is 4 times harder than titanium’s and 2 times heavier than platinum’s. Tungsten ring is virtually scratch resistant and perfectly stands for forever love. As a world-class supplier of tungsten jewelry, Tungsten Love offers lifetime guaranteed tungsten carbon rings which remains shiny, flawless surface for all lifelong. Please click here to start browsing this collection.
 tungsten rings
mens tungsten carbide rings Tungsten rings are perfectly matched for wedding and engagement use. We have a wide selection of tungsten wedding bands for men. As hardest metal’s nature, it has a heavy feel to them. And what better to remind your man of his commitment to you, when a hot chick walks by. It is scratch-proof and will keep its shine permanently. Men who wear tungsten wedding bands like them because they can do tough work with them and the ring, at least, won't end up scraped or scratched. It’s one of the most masculine-looking rings. mens tungsten carbide rings
womens tungsten carbide ringsTungsten wedding bands are not only for men but they fit women as well. Imagine having a ring that remains un-blemished and shiny for lifelong! Tungsten carbide ring is your perfect choice. Tungsten wedding bands is an ideal choice for women’s jewelry set. Not like diamond wedding rings, tungsten wedding bands are both fit to men and women, and it’s without any problem to daily use.womens tungsten carbide rings
tungsten bracelets Tungsten Love offers fashionable and extremely fit tungsten bracelets. Our tungsten carbide bracelets are perfect for your casual style and daily use. They are rich looking and the price is a great steal. Many of our customers bough these as presents to their boyfriends who absolutely loved them! As for another function of these tungsten bracelets, they can be a replacement of the bracelets of steel watches. tungsten bracelets
tungsten watchesImagine owning a stunning tungsten watch, it is a perfect daily-use timepiece. It's extremely suitable from professional looking to casual style. Our selection of watches is 100% made of tungsten carbide, one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant metal currently used in jewelry. We offer the best water-proof tungsten watches, whose water resistance up to 99 feet.tungsten watches
tungsten accessoriesNot like other tungsten jewelers, Tungsten love is trying our best to offer the largest collection of quality tungsten fashion products. We offer all kinds of manufacturing finishes, including Satin/Matted/Brushed, Inlayed, Laser engraved, Mokume gane, Multi Faceted, Polished and Grooved tungsten rings, bracelets, watches and accessories. From pendants to key chains, we are glad to provide you our finest tungsten products and to do OEM according to your diverse needs.tungsten accessories


Tungsten Love’s tungsten rings, tungsten wedding bands, tungsten watches and other products are ideal for wedding, engagement, presents and daily use. We are doing our best to provide finest tungsten jewelry and customer services. We offer 100% satisfied or money back guarantee, and there is lifelong warranty and 50 day return policy. Additionally, every order comes with free shipping, free packaging and free laser engraving. Please note, you are guaranteed to buy from the most reputable tungsten provider if placing order from Tungsten Love. We do care about our customers and reputation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question and we will as always assist you.
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